Heroes Introduction of Z Fighters

Time : 2015-04-20 22:16
In Z Fighters, Goku uses Spirit Bomb in the battle against Raditz and wins. Goku saves the world successfully. Heroes are vital in Z Fighters, so don’t hesitate to summon them.
In Z Fighters, according to the basic setting of HP, ATK and DEF, there are mainly 3 types of Heroes.
1.Defensive Type: astounding HP and excessive DEF ensure sustain combat.
2.Offensive Type: remarkable ATK and remarkable HP make it main attack of the team.
3.Skillful Type: Using vigor to show its shining and powerful skillful attack.

Player can refer to this introduction at the beginning. When I select hero for the first time, I don’t care much about attribute, so I select Cell Jr.

Z Fighters

Z Fighters is a CRPG mobile game that focuses on collection and growth with instances battles at journey. The biggest highlights of this game are the full scale card design and global manga background. This game also requires strategy in matching cards, skills and growing heroes, players can enjoy immersive adventure within. The game is also a 100% showcase of “Dragon ball” with its classic storyline and characters, which all players can relate to.